Procedures to get apartments

STEP 1 ■Make inquiries by telephone or email.

Please let us know which apartment you are interested in.
We will check availability for you.
If you do not know which apartment to take, we would be happy to offer some apartments. Just tell us the date you would like to move, city you would like to stay, your work place, budget etc.


STEP2 ■View the apartment

You can look at the apartment before deciding.
If you have anything unclear, please don't hesitate to ask us.


STEP3 ■Send an application form and your ID

- Application form
If you decide on an apartment you would like to rent, please send us application form by email or FAX. Here is application form.

- ID
Please send us a copy of your passport and alien registration card by email or FAX.


STEP 4 ■Tenant check by guarantor supply company
You will need to get approval from guarantor supply company to rent our apartment.
It is a company which executes payment by proxy temporarily so that an apartment's rent does not go into default.
They will call you to ask some questions after you send the application form.
They might call your "Contract person in case of emergency" to ask some questions, too.

It takes about a couple of days for tenant check.
We will let you know as soon as we receive the results from the guarantor supply company.


STEP 5 ■Pay management fee and fire insurance
Please pay management fee and fire insurance fee within three days after you get approval from the guarantor supply company.
It there is no payment within three days, your reservation is considered to be cancelled.

Management fee is not refunded under any circumstances.
Fire insurande fee is refundable if reservation is cancelled before moving in. 
In that case, cancellation fee is deducted.


STEP 6 ■Make a contract
It is possible to make a contract without coming to our office. We will send agreement to your current address. Agreement is prepared in duplicated. Please fill them out and sign on both copies. Please possess one copy and send us back another copy.
STEP 7 ■Pay the rent
Please pay first month rent by bank transfer one week or more prior to the date of your moving in. If your moving is in the middle of a month, rent would be pro rated.
If you move in between 21st and 31st of a month, you are supposed to pay the first month rent plus the following month rent one week ore more prior to the date of your moving in.

Contract is officially made as of a day we receive your payment.
Your payment is not refunded under any circumstances.


STEP 8 ■Move in
Residents are responsible for connecting and paying for utilities. So, first thing to do is to call water, gas, and electric company. If it is difficult for you to do that by yourself, we would be glad to help you.